With summer coming to a close, folks have been stealing away to the Jersey Shore for one last taste of the season — including, it seems, Rydal's own Bradley Cooper.

Cooper was spotted Wednesday grabbing a cold treat at Richman's Ice Cream in Brigantine, New Jersey, where his mother, Gloria, reportedly owns a home. And, as you may have been able to guess, area residents and vacationers freaked out:

Despite the online reaction, however, this isn't the first time Cooper's taken some time off in Brigantine — in fact, it's one of the actor's old haunts. Or, as he told the Daily News in 2012, "We keep it real in Brigantine."

"Brigantine," Cooper said at the time. "We keep it real in Brigantine. My grandfather was a cop. We'd go crabbing. You know what crabbing is? You put the string down and catch the crabmeat. We don't have lobster, whatever you have in Margate."

That same year, he also made a similar statement to CliqueClack, but with a bit more history to it:

I grew up going to Brigantine, New Jersey. We used to go there when the Brigantine castle existed. It burnt down. My grandfather bought a house there in 1960, and they would go crabbing all the time, so we spent our summers in Brigantine.

Now, it would appear the tradition continues in the Cooper family. Though, maybe with a little more focus on ice cream these days.