New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stopped by Fox News' The Kelly File Monday, displaying his best Donald Trump impression for host Megyn Kelly in the process.

It started with Christie arguing that the ongoing "food fight" between Jeb Bush and Trump is of no interest to voters, an interpretation of the candidates' rivalry with which Kelly seemed to disagree

"Why, when we put on something with Jeb Bush talking about the economy or Scott Walker talking about labor unions, why doesn't anybody watch that?" she asked Christie.

Christie, for his part, indicated that viewers simply "don't like what they're hearing from those candidates" and suggested that the network air more content featuring — who else? — himself.

"You want ratings? Christie is ratings," Christie said, donning his best Trump voice. "Ratings, Megyn. Total ratings. Big, very big!"

"How's that? Is that good?" he said, finishing the impression. "I'm trying."

According to one recent New York Times/CBS News joint poll, Christie is favored by just 1 percent of voters, compared to Trump, who led the national poll with 27 percent.

Last month, a small conflict developed between Trump and Kelly following the first GOP presidential debate, with Trump saying that moderator Kelly had "blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever."

Trump has since ceased his feud with Kelly, telling radio personality Laura Ingraham that Kelly "was very nice."