Earlier this week, minor league baseball team the State College Spikes apologized for hiring '80s heartthrob Corey Feldman as post-game entertainment Sunday. Now, after losing a Special Olympics gig, Feldman has addressed the team's apology as "defamatory and untrue."

Feldman reached out to FishWrapper with his statement, indicating that he had been forced to step down from his role as "emcee and entertainer" at the Special Olympics torch ceremony this weekend in Los Angeles. However, the reason for his stepping down "has not been made clear … at this time."

Still, though, Feldman says he feels it "may be because of the defamatory and untrue" apology issued earlier this week by the Spikes:

With a tremendously heavy heart, I will be stepping down from my duties as emcee and entertainer at the City Hall Torch Ceremony tomorrow for the Special Olympics. The reason has not been made clear to me at this time. I do feel it may be because of the defamatory and untrue statements that Spikes general manager Scott Walker made after my recent appearance in State College, PA.

I do not blame anyone that has anything to do with the Special Olympics for making this decision as they are only doing what they feel best protects the athletes and all involved from unnecessary negative press. I do however take issue with Scott Walker of the Spikes minor league baseball team for releasing this defamatory and untrue story to the press.

Feldman then went on to say that he had songs "prepared especially for this year" and acknowledged that the event is "not at all about me or my performance."

This, however, is not the first time Feldman has addressed the Spikes' statement. Earlier this week, he called the Spikes event the "most unprofessional event I've done":

The Spikes, for their part, have since clarified their statement, with general manager Scott Walker explaining that "we are not apologizing for the content of Feldman's performance."

Instead, the problem was apparently Feldman's failure to "meet with fans, appear on the field and sign autographs during the game." Feldman's management, meanwhile, denies that claim.