A bearded cowboy slings a guitar and swings a sledgehammer in a new country-music video that gushingly praises potential presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

This does not bode well for anyone hoping the coming campaigns will tone down the rhetoric.

We can't wait for the video with Chris Christie doing some sexy break-dancing.

Or the app where Jeb Bush goes clubbing with Kim Kardashian.

Clearly, the lyrics are not quotes from Fox News:

Thinking about one great lady like the women in my life,
She's a mother, a daughter and through it all she's a loving wife.

A young Hillary is shown with a beaming Bill Clinton.

There is something about her, this great lady, caring hard working, once a first lady.

She fights for country and my family, now it's time for us to stand up with Hillary.

Hillar-eeee ...

Stand up ... with Hillar-eee-eee-eee.

When the singer's truck runs out of gas, he's happy to let his beautiful blonde wife pick him up on a motorcycle and do the driving.

Even supporters of Hillary Clinton would probably admit the production's so flag-wavingly positive it's too hokey and corn-pone to sway many voters.

Comments in headlines about the new song, which had racked up 270,000 views on YouTube by 10 this morning,  include "awesomely bad," "will make your ears bleed," and "really, really terrible."

This kind of thing is nothing new, of course. Check out Hillary4U&Me from 2008.

The new song was written and produced by Miguel Orozco, who concocted music videos for Clinton's opponent, Barack Obama, in 2008, according to a news release from the Stand With Hillary PAC, which is organizing its own independent social media campaign.

The group "will help working families show their support and counter the daily onslaught of Republican attacks," chair Daniel Chavez said in a news release.

Strangely, the release twice mentions "working families and Latinos" as if Latinos don't work or have families.

Let's see if the media goes into full "shame theater" mode over that one.

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