Video of Donovan McNabb's recent DUI arrest has surfaced, with the former Eagles star telling police that he was not drunk, but that he simply "got a cold."

Released by TMZ, the footage shows McNabb's June 28 arrest in Arizona following a car accident in which the ex-quarterback ran into a car stopped at a red light. In it, McNabb can be seen calmly defending himself as an officer interviews him at the scene and later places him under arrest for DUI.

Police have since released information indicating McNabb registered .17 on his alcohol blood test, which is more than double the legal limit of .08.

"First of all, I got a cold," he tells the arresting officer. "So I've been on cough medicine."

When asked what cough medicine, McNabb replies "chlorophyll," which is a critical component of photosynthesis and not a cough medicine. Chloraseptic, a throat spray, may have been the word he was looking for.

Despite his cold defense, McNabb also admits that he had been driving home from a nearby sports bar, Blue 32, prior to the stop. He also failed a roadside eye test, which was captured on video:

Police later searched McNabb's vehicle and found "lots of alcohol" in one officer's words. Video and photos from TMZ show a bottle of tequila in his trunk among other shopping bags. Additionally, a plastic bag containing $100 bills, a watch, and "other valuables" were recovered from the vehicle.

Throughout the video, McNabb remains calm and clear with police, and staunchly defends himself against the suggestion that he may be drunk. Ultimately, though, police took him in on DUI charges.

Because this is his second DUI arrest, McNabb faces a 90-day minimum sentence, if convicted. Previously, he was suspended indefinitely from Fox Sports in connection with the arrest.