Philly rapper Meek Mill can't seem to catch a break ever since he accused Drake, another rap artist, of using a "ghostwriter" to create his song lyrics.

Sunday night, Drake and Future released their highly anticipated joint mixtape, "What A Time To Be Alive," which shot straight to No. 1 on the iTunes Hip-Hop and Rap charts. And, in bad news for the battle rapper from North Philly, Future, Drake and their devoted fans took this opportunity to clown the rapper, yet again.

Most obvious, Future took to the second track of the tape, "Big Rings," to address Meek. For context, during his set at Made In America, Meek Mill directed his DJ to play less future and play some rap "too." In an apparent response, Future took a dig at Meek, saying "You just a battle rapper, I'm an official trapper," and later, "These n----- is jealous, jealous, these n----- is scared, they tellin'-tellin'" in reference to Meek "snitching" on Drake.

Besides a few one-liners, "What A Time To Be Alive" really doesn't have much to do with Meek. However, tragedy truly strikes for the hometown rapper when Drake and Future fans step in. They're flooding his Instagram with diamond emoji in reference to the mixtape's diamond cover art.

The Dream Chasers artist posted a picture around the same time "WATTBA" dropped. Usually, he receives about 1,000 to 6,000 comments on a picture.

The photo he posted Sunday has already racked up about 50,000 comments, and they all look like this:

In another photo Meek wrote the caption, "#f---boyseason lol," an apparent dig toward the "WATTBA" artists.

It was late July when Meek Mill first called out Toronto rapper Drake for allegedly using a ghostwriter named Quentin Miller. Drake was largely recognized as having "won" the beef when he released two diss tracks that fared significantly better than Meek's one.