(Warning: Audio embedded in the post contains profanity and may be offensive.)

Now it's personal.

Over a week ago Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill went on a Twitter rant saying Toronto rapper Drake did not write his own raps. A potentially crippling accusation in the rap world where lyricism and originality are lauded, it seems Drake may be getting the last laugh after all.

Saturday evening the "Started from the Bottom" artist released a "diss track" aimed at Meek called "Charged Up." It had a few punchlines but some fans were still disappointed in the rapper's relaxed comeback approach. Meek's only response to the track was a tweet calling it "baby lotion soft." Then Drake dropped his "Back to Back" freestyle.

"Back to Back" contains a decent number of Philly-related punchlines, but before we get into that, let's talk about the cover art.

In 1993, the Phillies lost the World Series to the Toronto Blue Jays during which the Blue Jays' Joe Carter hit a walk-off homerun, as pictured above. That was the second consecutive World Series win for the Blue Jays, hence Drake's back-to-back titled song. The track is also Drake's second official Meek Mill diss track. Back-to-back, indeed.

Beyond the sting of the song's cover art, Drake proceeded to use Meek's own city against him. He referenced Ms. Tootsie's restaurant on South Street saying, "Second-floor Tootsie's, gettin' back rubs." He named dropped another Philly rapper, AR-AB, who was once rumored to have released a diss track targeting Meek.

And Twitter took notice.

So far, Meek has yet to issue a studio response to either of Drake's diss tracks.

For Philadelphians feeling disappointed in Meek's lack of response, perhaps you can feel pride in knowing the Phillies actually beat the Blue Jays just yesterday, and the two teams will play each other again today.