A while back, we mentioned that there was this new "Bang With Friends" app that allowed you to sort through your Facebook friends, sorting them as hot or not. Essentially, the app allows you to anonymously select which of your friends you'd like to sex up and then sends you an email if they want to sex you up. Easy enough, right?

Well, since then, Apple has banned "Bang With Friends" from the app store and, thanks to a lack of discretion at Thursday's Webutante Ball, 28-year-old Colin Hodge has been outed as the company's CEO. Gawker has published a lengthy piece on Hodge, his fellow "Bang With Friends" co-founders, the future of Internet startups, and how the app has helped (or hurt) Hodge's love live.

The founders intended to reveal their identities on a high-profile nighttime talk show that had expressed some interest, but sometimes Internet Week has other plans for you.

Hodge, a 28-year-old who majored in computer science at Cornell, is hardly the Tucker Max misogynist you might have expected to invent something like this. Rather, he comes across more like a friendly, sex positive brogrammer in search of a viral loop.

So, take a break from flipping through people on Tinder to learn a little about where the future of online dating is headed. [Gawker]