Listen, you guys, we've all been through this before. Words With Friends. Draw Something. Temple Run. Candy Crush Saga. Temple Run 2. Angry Birds, obviously.

Well, the latest game napalming the iTunes App Store is Flappy Bird. It's a simple, but incredibly difficult game with crappy graphics. Basically, you tap the screen to get the awful looking bird to flap its wings and fly. The more you tap, the higher it goes. You've got to avoid pipes that look like a cheap Mario knockoff and a bunch of other stuff if  you have the skill and patience to make it past the first couple of pipes. Seriously, it's not easy.

Anyway, Flappy Bird is the most popular free iPhone app, at the moment, and is trending on Twitter, so you've got approximately 7-10 days until every jabroni on the Wildwood Boardwalk is rocking a Flappy Bird tank top with his bottle-opener flip-flops. For now, though, here's everything you know about the game that will either leave you entirely disinterested or cost you your job and your family as you waste away screaming at that stupid bird.

Download it here. Or here for Google Play.

The game was created by dotGears, a small, independent game developer based in Vietnam, and released back in May. But, it's just recently gained traction in the App Store.

Our work is heavily influenced by retro pixelated games in its golden age. Everything is pure, extremely hard and incredibly fun to play.

It's reportedly easier on Android than it is on iOS.

Want tips on how to get past a pipe? Or maybe even two? Check out HuffPo's tips for not sucking at Flappy Bird.

4. Try to keep your finger nimble. Light taps, quick fingers, fast movements are the key.

5. Take off any case or screen cover on your phone. This ensures the screen is as sensitive as possible.

Watch someone actually reach a high score of 90 here.

"Flappy Bird" is apparently a genre, now. You can play games like Ironpants. Expect more adaptations to become available as Flappy Bird's popularity inevitably begins to eat itself.

Seriously, I just played it for, like, 30 minutes and managed an impressive score of five. F*** this game.