Who'd have thought that the threshold between adolescence and actual, full-blown adulthood would feature so much ramen and so few weekends in the Hamptons? #FirstWorldProblems

Frances Ha focuses on Greta Gerwig's Frances, a not-so recent college graduate who finds herself homeless and unemployed. But, it's the kind of homelessness that calls for crashing with friends for a few months and the kind of unemployment that's obligatory for anyone born between 1983 and 1990. The kind that comes with tons of Saved by the Bell reruns.

Her roommate, Sophie (Mickey Sumner), opts to move into a nicer apartment with a different friend. Instead of moving in with her boyfriend, Frances decides to set out on her own and ends up bunking with Lev and Benji (Adam Driver and Michael Zegen) while she sorts her life out. She's trying to be a dancer (kind of) and seeing boys (kind of) and keeping in touch with Sophie (kind of) all while simultaneously cultivating a friendship with her new friends/roommates/benefactors.

As their existence seems stagnant amidst news of friends entering committed relationships, switching jobs, and moving to different continents, Benji and Frances develop a bond over their nerdy complacency. They deem themselves "undateable," which—if it had come from Girls—would be a platitude expressed by Millenials in GIF form until the end of time. Paging #WhatShouldWeCallMe