George Zimmerman, the man who was acquitted of acquitted of killing unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin last summer, has not done such a good job of staying out of the news since the end of his trial. Now, after the Trayvon Martin travesty and multiple domestic disputes that have resulted in police involvement, Zimmerman is trying to reinvent himself... as an artist.

Zimmerman has posted his "first hand painted [sic] work" to eBay and you'll be entirely unsurprised to learn that people are actually bidding on it. Like, with actual money they earned at their jobs, presumably.

The original piece is signed by the artist himself and prominently depicts an American flag flapping in the wind. Included on the artwork are words from the "Pledge of Allegiance," in brain teaser form.

The words "one nation" appear under the word "God," so as to create the phrase, "One nation under God."

Clever, right?

Obviously, "With liberty and justice for all" ironically rounds out the text featured on the piece.

If this ridiculous piece of artwork is something that you think might look good above the fireplace in your den or in your dumpster somewhere, be sure to cruise on over to eBay and have $110,000 handy because that's seriously what people are bidding for this thing. [eBay]