Allergies are irritating, especially when the weather is doing this hot-cold-cool-freezing-warm dance it's been doing for the past month. Seriously, everyone in the office has sneezed at least three times over the past day or so. But, allergies are nothing compared to what one Arizona man had to deal with when HIS BRAIN FLUID STARTED LEAKING OUT OF HIS NOSE.

Joe Nagy had a runny nose. Then he had a consistantly runny nose. Then, it got to the point where it was affecting his life.

Nagy noted that the frequency of the runny nose increased with time, from incidents occurring once or twice per week to a nose that was running on a near-constant basis. It began to affect his life in other arenas beyond his health, at one point causing an embarrassing moment while reaching for model airplane blueprints.

Don't you hate those embarassing moments involving model airplane blueprints? Anyway, Nagy got sick of dealing with his runny nose, so he went to a doctor and was told that there was a hole in the membrane surrounding his brain, allowing fluid to drip out of his nose.

The problem was solved when surgeons performed a procedure on Nagy's brain through his nose. He says that he's completely healed. [CBS]