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Homeless people read mean tweets about homelessness

When Jimmy Kimmel comes out with a new segment of "Mean Tweets" he never disappoints. From random people calling Britney Spears a tired hag to making fun of DeSean Jackson for shopping at Express these things never get old and a great laugh is pretty much always guaranteed.

Of course it's all in good fun, but what happens when you use that same concept to help end stereotypes? That's exactly what Raising the Roof, a Canadian advocacy group is doing with homeless people reading mean tweets about themselves.

The heartbreaking PSA captures the raw emotions of these homeless people reading from an iPad the cruel and sickening things people say about them. Anything from throwing change in their faces or commenting on their odors, people are attacking the homeless without any knowledge of who these people are or what they've gone through.

Raising the Roof aims to change how we see the homeless with this video. On social media they are using #HumansForHumans hashtag to help get this video the attention it clearly needs.