Banksy, the edgy visionary who just wrapped up a month-long residency in New York City (or the insufferable, overrated artist exploiting a generation deprived of actual art, depending on who you talk to), remains anonymous and regularly condemns the establishment through his art. One such example is Banksy's "Destroy Capitalism," which features a line of fringe folks waiting to purchase a $30 shirt that reads, you guessed it, "Destroy Capitalism."

Prints of Banksy's piece and at least another work done by a different street artist, Colla, were recently available on Walmart's website, because irony.

The company issued a statement to LAist:

These items are sold through our Marketplace third-party sellers Wayfair and PlumStruck. We've taken action to disable the one item in question by Callo [sic], and it will be unpublished later tonight around midnight PT.

We will also instruct Wayfair and Plumstruck to review their artwork to ensure the descriptions are accurate. They've provided great products and experiences to our customers and are contracted to comply with product copyright, safety, testing and certification requirements. We'll work closely with them on the review.

Colla has since created a piece mocking Walmart's role in the situation called, "It's Only Stealing If You Get Caught." [h/t Slate]