South Jersey native Kelly Ripa has been called America's sweetheart due to her role as cohost on the Live! With Kelly and Michael morning show, but with her appearance on Broad City Wednesday night, it may be time to retire that moniker.

We first learned about Ripa's guest spot via an interview with Wayne's Abbi Jacobson on Wednesday, and that spot had Ripa portraying a less-than-sober version of herself. Or, as Ripa said in her interview with Jacobson, a "Party Kelly Ripa."

The latest episode finds Abbi in a friend's living room following an attempt at returning Ripa's lost coat. And, of course, it is there that Jacobson and Ripa crack open some moonshine:

And then partake in a joint that appears to have been expertly hand rolled by Ripa herself before entertaining two male prostitutes:

Naturally, with Ripa drunk and stoned, she opens up to Jacobson about everything from post-sex Domino's pizza and yoga to how she doesn't "even give any f---s." As a result, the appearance was, in a word, memorable.

This, however, is not the first time Ripa has attempted to subvert the "America's sweetheart" designation. In fact, in 2003, she hosted Saturday Night Live to bring us a parody commercial for the fictional Tressant Supreme shampoo. The active ingredient there, rather than booze or weed, was cocaine: