When it comes to filming the sequel to his 1995 cult classic Mallrats, director and New Jersey native Kevin Smith "would love nothing more than to shoot at the Granite Run Mall" — and that's from Silent Bob himself.

Smith called into Preston & Steve Tuesday morning to discuss the possibility of shooting the Mallrats sequel — now called Mallbrats, not Mallrats 2 — at Delaware County's most famous dying mall. Luckily, those chances seem pretty good.

If they can get star Jason Lee's schedule to jibe with Granite Run's demolition, that is.

"I would love nothing more than to shoot at the Granite Run Mall," Smith said Tuesday morning. "It's gorgeous, it's iconic, it looks exactly like what we need, and they're getting rid of it. The only problem is they want to knock it down fairly soon, in September I think. We can't do September because Jason Lee isn't available until October, and he's the lead."

However, Smith also insisted that the Granite Run Mall's management team, BET Investments, has been "very cool with us this whole time."

"They've just got a timeline, and we're trying to fit into it," he said.

Similarly, Smith confirmed that the decision to flip the production of Clerks III, for which he had received a sizable film tax credit from the state, with Mallbrats revolved around the Granite Run Mall's coming demolition. As a result, he says he hopes that flipping the production schedule will "make it work."

"Because we're going to lose a perfect mall, let's flip them," Smith said of the production change. "If we're going to lose the mall, we really like, that takes priority."

Unfortunately, Smith also confirmed that that priority will force him to "let that [tax credit] go" for Clerks III and "hopefully reapply" later on. Though, given his shoutout to the Pennsylvania Film Office, that shouldn't be much of a problem.

"They're the ones who are going to be bringing Mallbrats to Philly if we can get it there," he said.

So while nothing is set in stone just yet, there still is some time to iron out the details as far as Granite Run's role in Mallbrats. But in some ways, it would seem that for Smith, it's somewhat of a fate-based situation in that Mallbrats is going to be made — one way or the other.

"It's going to look at me until I do it," he said.

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