On Wednesday night, Philly filmmaker Lee Daniels stopped by "The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore," for the show's outer space episode.

With the buzz surrounding the Mars 2024 mission, Wilmore decided to focus on the trip by bringing in a panel made up of Sonia Van Meter who is set to head to Mars, Lee Daniels, actor Don Cheadle and comedian Ricky Velez.

Daniels' assignment was clear — well kind of: Explain a gay pride parade to Wilmore the Martian. Indeed, Wilmore put on a pair of alien antennae and asked the four panel members to explain earthling concepts like racism, marriage, Kamikaze mission (you can guess who that question went to), and, for Daniels, gay pride.

"Are you joking me?" Daniels asked. "Yo mama," he responded before actually answering the question with an anecdote about taking his mother to a gay pride parade.

"It really liberated her," Daniels said.