A new LinkedIn policy change hit the Internets earlier this week, detailing a number of changes for the 200 million some members. One of the policies contained therein stipulates that prostitutes need to take their services elsewhere.

i. Even if it is legal where you are located, create profiles or provide content that promotes escort services or prostitution

The policy isn't entirely new as "unlawful" services were previously banned. But, because prostitution is legal in some places, the company went ahead and specifically cited it as a no-no.

And it sems that the policy change may have come out of necessity, considering the fact that members had been searching for prostitution-related items because, apparently, they've never heard of Craigslist.

Judging by the suggestions LinkedIn's search algorithm offers, LinkedIn members are actively looking for this kind of professional help. Search on "escorts," for example, and LinkedIn will prompt you to search instead for the following terms:

  • female escorts

  • independent escorts

  • call girls

  • hot girls

  • adult entertainment

  • escort services

  • dubai escorts

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