Hey, "Hunger Games" fans, mark your calendars for October 2016, because your world is about to be rocked. Well, if you're willing to make a trip to Dubai, that is.

Motiongate Dubai will be adding a theme park based on "The Hunger Games" series. Deadline Hollywood reported that Lionsgate announced some of the details on Tuesday for the park with hopes of creating a "thrilling total entertainment experience," says Jon Feltheimer, Lionsgate CEO.

"Our franchises are continuing to drive location-based entertainment opportunities around the world. We're proud to partner with the team at Dubai Parks and Resorts to create a thrilling total entertainment experience."

There aren't specific details about the rides or games that the park will have, but something tells me it's going to be mind-blowing. Not once during the books or movies did I imagine that it would be a great idea to do any of those "games" in real life.

Maybe something 3-D like the "Transformers" ride at Universal Orlando, or if they're feeling real adventurous they can go with a 4-D ride like "Toy Story Mania!" in Disney World.

But that's not all. The Hollywood-based theme park is also adding a park based on the "Step Up" series, I guess to balance things out.

So, would it be worth a trip to Dubai for "The Hunger Games" and "Step Up" theme parks?

The flights from Philly to Dubai are not cheap and a 16-plus hour, nonstop flight is not ideal.