Saturday Night Live overlord Lorne Michaels reportedly set up a stealth audition for potential black, female cast members amid a clamoring from the Internet that NBC's long-running sketch comedy show had a diversity problem. The cry to add a black comedienne to the cast grew louder in 2013 as SNL replaced four departing cast members with a host of white talent.

Then, as those murmurs gained traction and presented an actual PR problem that the network was forced to deal with in the wake of Kenan Thompson's candid interview on the subject, Scandal star Kerry Washington took a turn as host and addressed the issue in an actual sketch.

Now, Gothamist has unearthed information regarding a secret audition Michaels threw together in Los Angeles while reportedly exploring the possibility of diversifying the cast.

Actress Bresha Webb told the Jasmine BRAND about the showcase, which was held at LA's Groundlings Theater: "The audition came about from an inside source from SNL. I don't think any of us had a clue about the showcase until two days prior. It was an awesome opportunity even though it was such a short notice but, if you stay ready you ain't gotta get ready and we were READY! Lol But we were all honored to be selected." [Gothamist]

Tonite was epic. I cried watching LA's SNL black girls only showcase. So good, so brave. It's not a competition, it's a sisterhood. #fb — christina anthony (@christinanthony) December 2, 2013
Witnessing history...just saw the showcase for the new girl on SNL!! @ The Groundlings Theatre