Amid the uprising in Baltimore last night following the funeral for Freddie Gray, who sustained a spinal injury while in police custody, Marc Lamont Hill and Don Lemon engaged in an exchange about the events on CNN.

Hill, a Philadelphia native and graduate of both Temple and the University of Pennsylvania, and Lemon, a former NBC10 anchor, explored the reason behind Monday night's events in Baltimore, along with CNN's Van Jones.

While Hill called the burning city a result of "righteous rage" and "because the police killed Freddie Gray," Jones and Lemon sought to dispel the idea that anything positive could come from "the destruction of black communities."

"There shouldn't be calm tonight," Hill said. "Black people are dying in the streets."

A full transcript of the exchange among Hill, Lemon and Jones can be found at Newsbusters.

This is not the first time Hill and Lemon have disagreed on air. In January, Hill and Lemon battled over a video of a young child being told to repeat profanity. Omaha, Nebraska police reposted the video and Lemon and Hill did not agree that the video depicted "thug culture."

Nor is Monday night the only time that Don Lemon was at odds with an interviewee over the events in Baltimore. A video shows Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan and Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake leave and walk away from an interview with the CNN anchor after being asked about how they handled a potential uprising.

"Now's not the time to question about what happened in the past," Gov. Hogan says in the video's opening.

"I respectfully disagree with you, Governor," Lemon responded before asking why more precautions weren't put in place Saturday after the city sustained property damage during a protest near Camden Yards in Baltimore.

"I think we're going to have to go, thanks for your time," Gov. Hogan said before he and Mayor Rawlings-Blake left from view.