Sixers sideline reporter Molly French found a way to ask Meek Mill a Sixer's-related a question about Drake while speaking to him as the Sixers played the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday.

Meek Mill and Drake engaged in a very public feud over the summer after Meek called Drake out about allegedly using a ghostwriter, a big no-no in hip-hop. Despite obtaining reference tracks by Drake's alleged ghostwriter Quentin Miller that sounded eerily (exactly) like songs that appeared on Drake's last project, If You're Reading This It's Too Late, Meek still lost the war. Drake released two diss tracks, "Charged Up" and "Back To Back," and since then Meek has been the butt of many-a-joke.

So of course, when the time came to chat it up with the North Philly rapper on the game's sidelines, French asked the pertinent questions.

"Of course," French began, "I would be remiss in saying Drake's a Toronto guy. What's your message to him with your hometown Sixers looking good against the Cavs?"

Meek, who has said he's no longer beefing with Drake, opted to ignore the Drake part of the question all together. He said, "I'm writing with Philly, you know, and Philly riding with me so I'm riding with the Sixers to the fullest."

He added that he's "rocking out to the end," with his home team, "no matter how the season go."  A metaphor for life? Perhaps.

At 105.1's Powerhouse Philly concert in Oct., though, Meek decided to diss Drake one last time, maybe, making fun of the rapper's dancing in his "Hotline Bling" music video.