The Mural Arts Program has removed a North Philly mural depicting Bill Cosby alongside civil rights leaders like Nelson Mandela and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Before photo: Michael Bryant / Staff Photographer; After photo: Colin Kerrigan /

Located at North Broad Street and Glenwood Avenue, the wall now displays a blank, white coat that hides the former mural, which was titled "Father's Day." It was reportedly initially painted around 2000, and then renovated in 2008 — several years after Andrea Constand's accusations came to light.

The Mural Arts Program had planned to remove it for months, but as spokeswoman Cari Feiler Bender said, the allegations against Cosby "accelerated those plans." It was initially slated to be removed due to the ailing condition of the wall on which it was painted.

Prior to the mural being removed, however, it had become increasingly defaced with anti-Cosby graffiti, including tags that read "dude with ludes" and "rapist," according to City Paper's Emily Guendelsberger.

Now, the Mural Arts Program is reportedly expected to relocate the mural to another location — sans Cosby. No official announcement has been made, however.

Earlier this month, court documents from 2005 were unsealed that detail Cosby admitting to obtaining Quaaludes with the intention of giving them to women he wanted to have sex with. He has never been charged with a crime in connection with the allegations against him.