A too-wild-to-believe video of a motorcycle crash, supposedly in Russia, looks like something out of a major-movie stunt.

The video, shot from a dashboard camera, shows a car switching lanes, only to be rear-ended by a speeding motorcycle. Up in the air goes the rider, and ... well, the ending is too amazing not to see.

No wonder the video got 1.5 million views on YouTube since being posted Tuesday.

It seems as if it's probably fake for a bunch of reasons: (a) It just happened to be caught perfectly on tape. (b) If the motorcycle was going faster than the car, wouldn't the rider be propelled forward off the roof? (c) Wouldn't someone standing on a real moving car want to quickly lie flat and safely hold on? (d) Is the cloud of dust meant to oscure some trickery? (e) Why doesn't the car with the camera run into the wreckage right away, even if it would have skidded forward for a while?

Wonder what Penn & Teller would say on their new CW show, Fool Us?

If the accident was real, wish there was continued footage, including any conversation between the rider, the shocked driver and any police.

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