Through all the adversity he's faced in his term, Barack Obama has kept his eye on the prize: getting to that final episode of Breaking Bad before someone ruins the ending. Recent reports indicate that he is "working his way through the DVD box set."

Coming from the New York Times in the form of an examination of the President's TV viewing habits, those reports tell us that the Commander in Chief is just as hopelessly addicted to Vince Gilligan's baby as the rest of us. In fact, he's canceled several meetings and appearances to catch up on the show, which—to be fair—we'd probably all do given the opportunity.

His favorite character? Hank Schrader, of course, with Jesse Pinkman coming in as a close second. Seems Obama admires Hank's "strong work-ethic and self-starter attitude" and sympathizes with Jesse's tragic story. So, at least America's leading man isn't sitting at a laptop rooting for the self-aggrandizing sociopath in Walt. Though if you asked me, I'd have bet on Saul Goodman as the favorite.

It's not all roses in Breaking Bad land for Obama, though, with the Chief ceding that season two's finale—which revealed the meaning of the pink bear found throughout the first two seasons—was a low point for Gilligan & Co. But, still, the episode still shows a 9.1 out of 10 rating on IMDB, so that low point still remains pretty high. But at least Obama hasn't shied away from criticism.

But, still, despite his love for the show and insistance that his staff keep Walter White's exploits under wraps, certain aspects have been irreparably ruined for the President. Like, for example, the fact that his favorite character meets an early end at the hand's of a ruthless drug dealer.

So not even the leader of the Free World is safe from spoilers. There's something comforting about that.