A 16-year-old kid in Texas has been spared from the possibility of 20 years behind bars for killing four people in a drunken crash because his attorneys argued that his parents never taught him right from wrong.

Seriously, State District Judge Jean Boyd handed down a sentence of 10 years probation for the kid. According to authorities, the boy's BAC was three-times the legal limit and he was doing 70 mph on a stretch of rural road with a speed limit of 40.

During the trial, prosecutors said Couch and his pals had been partying with beer they stole from Walmart, and were on another booze run when the crash occurred.

In all, 11 people were injured. Local authorities said the crash scene was the most horrific they've encountered.

A witness for the defense, psychologist Dr. G. Dick Miller, blamed the boy's parents.

Miller testified that Couch was the troubled product of a broken home who got whatever he wanted from his wealthy parents and didn't understand consequences.

Miller called the teen a victim of "affluenza," a rich-kid syndrome that led him to believe money solved everything.

Instead of two decades in prison, the boy will face 10 years of probation and receive treatment at a fancy rehabilitation facility in Southern California. [New York Daily News]