After a drunken episode in Atlantic City, Kourtney Kardashian's longtime beau Scott Disick is headed to rehab.

TMZ reports that after a tequila-fueled AC club appearance, Disick, who fathers Kardashian's three children, was found staggering around Harrah's lobby around 8 a.m. on Sunday morning. There's video of the reality TV star yelling expletives to the Atlantic City crowd about a recent London appearance where he was told he "wasn't allowed to curse." He's also shown pouring champagne on club goers.

Monday, Disick released a statement saying he was checking into Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica "to take advantage of the center's highly regarded iboga treatment plan."

"I realize my issues are bigger than me," Disick said in a press release, "and I'm truly ready to remedy this struggle I continue to battle." Rythmia's unconventional rehab approach, Disick continues, gives him faith the center's therapy methods.

Iboga is a hallucinogenic plant grown in Africa, which is thought to have medicinal qualities, especially for treating addiction. Vice reports that its psychedelic qualities make it a class-A felony drug, but it's used to battle heroin addiction. Other aspects of Disick's rehabilitation at Rythmia include "shaman guided iboga flights and medically supervised withdrawal," "holistic and homeopathic medicine," and life coaching.