First the hackers threatening to release nude photos of her, and now this. An imprisoned child pornographer is suing Taylor Swift for $100 million over claims that she swiped his life story for lyrical inspiration on her latest album, 1989.

"My heart hurts," writes felon Jose Hilario, 35, in his handwritten lawsuit against Swift. "I have suffered so much humiliation already."

Hilario, federal inmate 05994-070, says that an 18-year-old Swift emailed him in January 2008 to request a Skype meeting because "she was lonely and sad and that she needed someone to chat with." That initial email apparently blossomed into a months-long friendship by Hilario's estimation. For non-fans, that would be about the time Fearless came out, Swift's second release. Her first album, 2006's Taylor Swift, has sold 5.5 million copies since its release and debuted at number 19 on the Billboard 200 chart.

The pair's apparent friendship, according to the lawsuit, culminated in an April 2008 meeting at a Rhode Island mall. Via Radar Online:

"They hugged and kissed each other," his lawsuit says.

The singer-songwriter promised Hilario "she would help him with his legal problems and that she would write and sing songs about him," the suit contends. "But the defendant did not keep her promise of giving legal help." 

Several days after that alleged meeting, federal agents arrested Hilario for possession of child pornography. A few months later, he entered a guilty plea on those charges and received a sentence at an Oakdale, La. federal pen that will end by May 2019.

It was at the prison that Hilario says he realized 1989 was about him:

Hilario was doing time at the federal prison in Oakdale, Louisiana, when he "discovered that her new album titled '1989'" is "about the life of the plaintiff," the complaint says.

Swift should now help get him out of his "deep trouble" by financing his "legal causes," he argues.

"I know for a fact that the defendant have a good heart and that she will come back to her senses and not forget her promise that she made to me."

Keeping with that line of thinking, Hilario also says in the suit that he will drop everything should Swift agree to "help me and restore our true friendship" and asks that he be introduced to Miley Cyrus.

Swift's camp has not yet commented on the lawsuit. Though, if the past few months have been any indication, she will likely shake it off.

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