Earlier this week, Eminem dropped a seven-minute promotional freestyle in which, among other things, he promises to punch Lana Del Ray in the face. Similarly, Bill Cosby earlier this week asked the Internet to meme him, which ended up more or less like a social media punch in the face. So, with the Internet being the Internet, it was only a matter of time before the two converged.

Thanks to one Reddit user, they have — and, as it turns out, a slowed-down Eminem sounds a lot like a normal, babbling Bill Cosby.

In Eminem's video, titled "Shady CXVPHER Freestyle," the rapper spits beat-free in an abandoned, domed building, sometimes faster than be deciphered — especially when Em kicks it into double-time. For reference, here is the original.

This should go without saying because it's Eminem, but the track does contain foul language (watch at your own discretion):

That quickness at the end is what evidently sparked Redditor SergeantBBQ's interest in the track, making him wonder what exactly Eminem was rapping. So, naturally, he slowed the tape down to half-speed, and ended up getting not only his answer to what Eminem's verse was about, but a pretty good Bill Cosby impersonation to boot:

Everything from Cosby's gibberish-speak to his unique voice inflection appears present — and not only because the verse includes phrases like " rootinest, tootinest, shootinest from the hip" and ""stiggety-stands for the figgety-flag." All Shady need to throw in was a reference to pudding pops, and it may well have been indistinguishable.

OK, fine, it's not an exact ringer for Cosby's voice — but it is close. Maybe it's more akin to a drunken Cosby, one that's exhausted from repenting in the public eye after years of ignoring sexual assault allegations behind his celebrity. Maybe.

Or, maybe not — after all, we probably won't ever find out what that actually sounds like.