Have you ever wanted to go to Harvard, stress out about all of the final exams, work your ass off to maintain a reasonable GPA, and earn an Ivy League degree, but, were concerned that, maybe, that approach might be too legal or that your Harvard degree might open too many doors for you?

Well, now you're in luck because a guy in Pittsburgh is willing to pay you to go to Harvard for him. The man posted to Craigslist hoping to find another guy with a good GPA to attend Harvard in his place.

He claims he's already gotten in and that he will pay you $40,000/year on top of your tuition, housing, books, and living expenses, for you to attend the prestigious university in his place. Upon graduation, you'd supposedly receive an additional $10,000 bonus.

So, I guess, if living an Ivy League lifestyle for four years while earning $170,000 sounds like a nice furlough from your current life, give this guy a shout.

This is an actual ad that existed (it was flagged for removal, obviously) in our reality. [h/t Uproxx]