Stephen Colbert kicked off the final week his show "The Colbert Report" with some serious déjà vu.

In a segment called "Formidable Opponent," Colbert debates himself, this time, on an unfortunately familiar topic: torture.

"I looked it up, and you and I debated torturing detainees in the first month of this show more than nine years ago," said a blue-tie-wearing Colbert to his opponent, his red-tie-wearing self. This time around, blue-tie Colbert debates red-tie Colbert about why the CIA's reported "enhanced" questioning methods were torture. Red-tie Colbert, with a couple supporting sound bites from war expert Bill O'Reilly, just isn't buying it.

At the end, both Colberts agree that red-tie Colbert doesn't actually exist but instead is living in "The Idea of America" (a country that would never torture) rather than the actual America and, poof! He's gone.