In 1999, resident Philly electronic jam band The Disco Biscuits launched Camp Bisco, a three-day music festival in Scranton, Pa. designed to celebrate all things Biscuits. And apparently, that celebration involves drugs — lots of them, and in all different varieties.

Maybe that's no big surprise given that the band's name is a synonym for "Quaalude," but a recent study from ranked Camp Bisco first in percentage of social media posts linking "general drug terms" with the festival itself.

For individual substances like mescaline and MDMA, Camp Bisco ranked in the top three in five separate categories. culled 3.5 million Instagram posts to get their rankings, with Camp Bisco landing about as many top-ranking spots as the cultural behemoth that is Burning Man. Posts were broken down into mentioned substance, such as opioids, mushrooms, LSD, and others, with festivals ranking by the percentage of posts that reference a given substance and event.

Camp Bisco ranked in the top three in mentions of marijuana, MDMA, mushrooms, LSD, mescaline, and the aforementioned "general drug terms" category. However, the festival is absent from rankings for alcohol, cocaine, pills, and others, with most people mentioning it on social media trending toward more psychedelic drugs.

Similarly the Mad Decent Block Party – which originated in Philadelphia – also showed up several times throughout the rankings, landing high up in mentions for cocaine and opioids.

This year's Camp Bisco takes place July 16 to July 18 at Scranton's Montage Mountain. Three-day general admission passes are currently still available.

[h/t Philebrity]