As a result of his roles in Footloose and Tremors, we know that Philly native Kevin Bacon is as passionate about carefree dancing as he is about surviving Graboid onslaughts. But, as it turns out, Bacon is equally ardent about breakfast food — specifically eggs.

A series of ads from the American Egg Board featuring Bacon debuted over the weekend as part of its new "Wake Up to Eggs with Bacon" campaign, with the actor hawking what presumably is the best morning food around. Or at least the most tantalizing.

"You know, I love the smell of eggs in the morning," Bacon says to a housewife in the ad.

"And I love the smell of Bacon," she replies, with her husband entering the room.

Scandalous. But, then, with eggs being the "nutritional powerhouse of a breakfast" that they apparently are, maybe we ought to expect things to get steamy — especially when Bacon is involved.

Check out a behind-the-scenes look at the ad below: