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'The Office' finale was everything you hoped for and more

The Office finale was nine years in the making.

The Office finale was nine years in the making. A show that probably should have left NBC five years ago somehow managed to stick around through preganancies, marriages, transfers, mortgages, and the loss of its driving force, Steve Carell as Michael Scott. And, though it came a few years late, the show's "Finale" offers a touching goodbye, even to those who bailed on the show a while back.

If you ever laughed at one of Jim's pranks, rooted for Dwight to win Angela over, or crawled inside of yourself to hide from one of Michael Scott's awkward monologues, you'll enjoy the 45-minute send off from everyone at The Office.

Here's what everyone's saying about it:

The Office finale aired tonight, and it pressed all the finale buttons: It brought back old faces; had characters make tender declarations of how much they cared about each other; everyone (mostly) found happiness; and it generally illustrated that it wasn't just the characters who were feeling emotional about saying goodbye, but the actors too. And whether you're an all-in fan, or a "the show hasn't been good in years" grumbler, there had to be at least one thing in it that made you choke up a bit. [Vulture]

The office was always there, and all roads from the office lead back to the office. That's why the last image of the series is the big, gray cinderblock the show called home for nine seasons. It's not the most eye-catching building, but what truly matters is what went on within. It could verge on sloppy, but it could also be the funniest stuff on television in a given week. And that makes "Finale" just the right point to jump off of The Office's circular track. [The A.V. Club]

The Office series finale offered everything you could hope for. There were updates on what happened to all of the main characters, even returning favorites like Kelly and Ryan and Michael Scott! Throw in a wedding, a slew of guest stars, a big move and lots of reflections on how great everything was and you have a perfect tribute to a brilliant series. [BuddyTV]

The 75-minute episode capped nine seasons with laugh-out-loud moments and tender tributes — a job almost as tough as medalling in Flonkerton or fulfilling the duties of Assistant (to the) Regional Manager. [TVLine]

At the very least, the final episode of the once brilliant show serves as a topical reminder of Ferris Bueller's sentiment. You can stream the whole episode below because, let's face it, it's a Friday afternoon in late May and you're not actually accomplishing anything anyway.