Children of the '90s have known that "there's no hope with dope" since the cast of Saved By The Bell told us so in their famous 1991 PSA. Now, though, Philadelphia police are doing the same — literally.

The PPD recently resurrected that same vintage PSA for their own purposes, though this time with Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey's head pasted over the visage of Saved By The Bell executive producer Brandon Tartikoff. Because, really, there's no reason to film a new PSA when you can get the same message across with a little nostalgia and some (very) minimal image editing.

"I just got tired of waiting and crudely pasted the commissioner's face over the original video," social media manager Sgt. Eric Gripp told the New York Daily News on Monday. (Don't worry, though — Ramsey reportedly "has a great sense of humor.")

The resulting video is nearly as mind-altering as the drugs the PSA rails against — a sort of 90s-inspired fever dream that is very, very concerned with your potential drug use. Think Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue, but with more Zack Morris, plus Charles Ramsey.

As a department, of course, the PPD is no stranger to odd, pop culture-laden memes — especially ones from the '90s. Back in April, in fact, converted a '90s Sizzler commercial into a recruiting ad. And they even followed up their PSA with a Straight Outta Compton meme: