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Wednesday, attorney Gloria Allred appeared with three more women who are accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault, according to TMZ.

Each of the women describes similar alleged inappropriate experiences with Cosby involving drugs.

Per TMZ:

Linda Kirkpatrick said she met Cosby in 1981 in Vegas while playing tennis. He invited her to party in his room, where he gave her a drink. She said she woke up later with him standing over her naked. She was 25 at the time.

Lynn Neal explained a similar account of meeting Cosby at a tennis club. While dining with him, she said he ordered her a drink and then she felt disoriented. She was also in her 20s.

A third accuser, Kacey (only her first name was given), worked for one of Cosby's managers at the time when she claims she passed out in his hotel room after he gave her a pill. When she came to, she said he was standing over her naked.

Below is the video from the press conference: