Since September, a random, mystery Instagram user has been posting photographs of signed restaurant tabs that include thousands of dollars worth of tips. A $10,000 tip on a total less than $3,000. A $500 tip on a $24 tab. A $1,000 tip for some tacos.

Each bill was signed with @TipsforJesus, which happens to be the corresponding Instagram account filled with pictures of the random tabs. Now, the fine folks at Valley Wag (Gawker's Silicon Valley gossip outlet), have revealed that former PayPal VP Jack Selby is the man behind @TipsforJesus.

For weeks, a benevolent bar-crawling superhero has been lighting up his tabs with astoundingly generous tips, totaling over $50,000. Now we know how he does it: he's Jack Selby, a former PayPal VP with more money than the real son of God.

The PayPal Mafia, that group of legendary payment alumni who cashed out astronomically, isn't usually known for populist ploys—they're usually building spacecraft or planning sinister floating libertarian utopias. Not Jack Selby! Since leaving PayPal, Selby has dabbled in both film production and venture capital—where he famously got in a screaming match with Peter Thiel. Now, his secret Instagram account has "gone viral," as the teens say, since followers started to spread the word of his mammoth gratuities. And people absolutely love him. [Gawker]