Philadelphia may not be as bad as Philadelphians say it is, but it looks like Philadelphians are pretty bad themselves, generally speaking.

So says the newest reader poll from Travel + Leisure, which ran down the 15 'unfriendliest' cities in America. And, as it turns out, Philadelphia ranks third on that list.

"The concept behind the City of Brotherly Love may have some limits, according to readers," writes T+L of our fair city. "Perhaps visitors came to town wearing a New York Rangers or Giants jersey, and clashed with the locals who rank at No. 5 for their sports-team zeal."

The Philly blurb then goes on to name cheesesteaks, the LOVE Park statue, fishcakes, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art as reasons for overcoming our populace's apparent unfriendly nature. The best way around that, writes T+L is to "break bread with the Philly locals."

Cities that are more friendly than us apparently include Boston, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C.

The only two cities more unfriendly than we are? Detroit and New York, the latter of which nabbed the top spot thanks to its "brusque cabbies" and "the fact that NYC also ranked as the most expensive city in the nation."

So while we might be meaner in Philly, at least we won't gouge you for the privilege of a visit here. And when you do visit, you might leave upset, but at least you'll have something left over in your wallet.

Well, maybe. It depends on how we're feeling when you stop by.

See you soon. Try the cheesesteak.