Urban Outfitters has had more than its fair share of negative press about racism, offensive content and cultural appropriation. Despite this, the Philly-based brand just keeps the problematic practices coming, as evident in their newest mishap, the URBN Holiday Party invitations.

It's hard to argue that the invitation, which Gawker reports was sent to employees from the  "URBNcommunity" listserv, was some sort of perverted PR stunt—it was meant to stay between the company and its employees. However, it so offended some URBN employees that Gawker reports two employees tipped the blog about it.

The invitation, which asks that attendees "break out your juttis, kurtas, turbans, saris, lehenga cholis and harem pants," also generously asks attendees to donate cold weather accessories for Operation Brotherly Love (now Operation Warm), a charity created by Chadds Ford native Dick Sanford. It arguably seeks to use appropriation of traditional Indian culture for a holiday party theme.

URBN has not responded to an email asking for comment about the holiday party invitation.