During a recent segment on CNN, television personality S.E. Cupp was speaking with Glenn Beck about the future prospects of the Republican party. When she asks Beck about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Beck takes the bait and immediately calls Christie a "fat nightmare."

As Cupp tries to reel Beck in with polls and observations about Christie's national appeal, Beck reaffirms his stance, calling Christie a progressive and insinuating that the Republican party shouldn't want to win if it means putting Christie and the progressive agenda in the White House.

Even as Cupp lists Christie's strengths, including the fact that he currently leads Democratic favorite Hillary Clinton in the Quinnipiac national poll, Beck maintains his position:

"Don't care ... don't care ... don't care," Beck exclaims, before categorizing Christie in a way that contradicts his own political positions. "He's not a conservative. He's a progressive ... have you ever looked into his, uh, nightmare of global warming?"

In addition to environmental issues, the conservative television and radio host also has concerns with Christie's stance on guns, and assumes his interviewer – and fellow Republican – agrees:

"You should be well aware of where he stands on guns," he says. "Are you comfortable with that?" [CNN]

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