Rufus Starlight and Baddy Paris were tasked with toasting their brother on his wedding day.

Instead of getting up in front of the assembled friends and family and blabbering on about how true love is the soul's recognition of its counterpoint in another, the guys decided to wish their brother well the best way they knew how... with an epic, '80s-style music video begging him not to leave them.

Our brother asked us to be his best men for his wedding. We knew the hardest thing would be doing a traditional best man's speech, because we would cry too much.  So instead, we made a music video - a plea not to leave us!  Which he did, regardless.

It's weird as hell and, at times, more than a little creepy. But, it's also impressively '80s and entirely entertaining. Everyone can now expect a million of these things because Rufus Starlight and Baddy Paris are going to turn Epic Best Man Music Video Toasts into the new Lip Dub Proposals. [Rufus Starlight]