Over the weekend, we learned what March Sadness really looks like thanks to the now-viral and eternally weepy "Villanova Piccolo Girl." But last night on The Tonight Show, the legendary Roots crew cheered her up a little bit.

Roxanne Chalifoux sat in with The Roots for some tunes and ribbing from host Jimmy Fallon, who praised the Villanova senior for her display of emotion.

"You should be emotional," Fallon told Chalifoux. "That's the fun part of sports, that's the fun of rooting for your school, your team. It's passion, I love that. But did you see all the memes out there?"

Fallon then called out the stellar Joe Biden meme that followed in the wake of Chalifoux going viral:

"All I could think about was my dad was at the game, and I was thinking I didn't want him to see my crying," Chalifoux told Fallon. "But then it turned into everyone saw me crying."

As a condolence, The Tonight Show actually put together a gift basket for Chalifoux containing swag like ice cream, stuffed animals, and various other Tonight Show swag. Oh, and two tickets to Taylor Swift's world tour — an event that nearly resulted in tears of joy.

Villanova's March Madness ended when they were knocked out of the NCAA Basketball Tournament over the weekend in a 71-68 loss to the no. 8-ranked N.C. State, prompting Chalifoux's display.