Today is the last day to experience the Red Bull 'Art of Can' pop-up exhibit at Dilworth Park. It features physical and digital art installations submitted by national artists utilizing the Red Bull can.

To kick off the installation, Red Bull enlisted the help of local design firm Klip Collective, who created a stellar, interactive 3D light show projected on the façade of City Hall on Oct. 2. The interactive aspect of the Klip Collective's geometric art installation came in the form of buttons that, when pushed, activated different light patterns and sequences.

"The idea that I came up with," said Klip Collective co-founder Ricardo Rivera, "was to kind of create a console that would allow users to trigger content that we would create."

With illusions that made the Dilworth side of City Hall appear to literally jump, and a little boy made of light who transformed into a flying apparition, the Klip Collective light show was the biggest art installation ever at Red Bull 'Art of Can.'

Klip Collective co-founder Ricardo Rivera said City Hall is the biggest mason building in the country in a behind-the-scenes video. This made their "projection mapped interpretation" of the façade more challenging, taking the team two weeks just to create the building model.

Their effort yielded an impressive result.

"It's just classical geometry," said Klip Collective's Thom Roland while showing a book of the project's circular and angular design inspirations.

This year, artists were influenced by the City of Brotherly Love for their 'Art of Can' entries. One artist, Rebecca Backus, re-imagined Robert Indiana's iconic LOVE statue but the winning entry was called "Special Delivery" by Kathy Beale, a can-made sculptural rendering of a patriotic eagle wearing sneakers.