Update via LA Weekly: A video depicting a girl pretending to be drunk, ask men for directions and subsequently be hit on is a hoax. One of the video's subjects, the shorter man wearing a teal tank top and a black hat, claims he was approached by the video's producers and asked to play the role in what he believed to be a short student comedy.

He wrote on Facebook, "the video that has me in it that's going around the web was all staged and all of the people in it were acting."

LA Weekly claims they have a screenshot in which one of the video's creators admits the men in the video are acting.


The new craze of videotaping social experiments is seemingly designed to bring attention to age-old problems that have otherwise been swept under the rug, like the racially controversial catcalling video commissioned by Hollaback! A new video called "Drunk Girl in Public" takes the concept of showing how disgustingly women are treated to a dangerous new height (depth?).

In "Drunk Girl in Public," a girl pretends to be drunk and stumbles around on Hollywood Boulevard looking for a bus. Presumably, the girl's aim is to see if guys will be truly helpful or truly unsavory. As you could imagine, all but one of the five men she encountered tried to take the vulnerable looking girl home, with one young stud even aggressively stealing the girl away from another potential "suitor."

Each time, before she literally got carried away, the girl resurrected back to life saying, "Actually, I'm starting to feel better," and gallivanted away.

The description on the YouTube video, created by self-described serial entrepreneur Stephen Zhang, begs the question, "Guys, how would you react if a super drunk young woman came up to you like this?"