Besides Pope Francis himself, the recently wrapped papal visit also brought closed main roads and less congested city streets to Philadelphia, which videographer Cory J Popp focuses on in his latest video.

"For three glorious days, Philadelphia's streets were carless, leaving the streets completely open to pedestrians and cyclists," Popp writes of the video. "These images are probably the rarest I've ever taken in Philadelphia."

Shot before, during and after Pope Francis' visit to the area this past weekend, Popp's "Philly Without Cars" depicts the serene beauty of a more pedestrian Philadelphia. Papal visitors peacefully crowd streets and bridges in some shots, lending a somewhat surreal tone to the video. In others, the city stands desolate, waiting for the next crowd to roll in.

The result is a mesmerizing memento of Philadelphia's Pope Francis experience, which by some estimates brought 800,000 visitors to the area. That number, which is currently debated, may explain why many Philadelphians spent a lot of time leading up to Pope Francis' visit getting worked up.

But looking at Popp's video, the whole thing doesn't seem to have been so bad.