The entire cast of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" dropped by "Conan" Monday night to chat. During the conversation, Conan brought up the unfortunate phenomenon of fan celebrity tattoos.

First, they joked about how silly it is to make a celebrity's face such a permanent bodily addition. Then, some of the crew showed off their own celeb-worship ink. Don't worry, these are temporary tattoos we're talking here. But does that make Rob McElhenney's Bill Cosby tat any better?

"I got a tattoo of a guy who's a cultural icon," began Philly native McElhenney. "He's had a rough patch recently," McElhenney continued before flashing a tattoo of Bill Cosby poorly disguised as a tattoo of David Crosby with the addition of a thick mustache and a mis-colored "r" between the "C" and "o" in Cosby's name.

"He wasn't black," cast member Kaitlin Olson aptly noticed. Check out the sharpie-altered tattoo in the clip above.