Back in 2013, a wild turkey escaped his home at Bartram's Garden and sought refuge on the streets of West Philadelphia to much local attention. Fans even created a Twitter account for the feathery guy that remains active today.

Which is good, because the West Philly Turkey is back.

Sightings apparently began earlier this week, with West Philly Local reporting readers initially catching glimpses up around the 40th Street trolley portal. Social media backs that up, showing us the the little dude had himself a healthy jaunt through West Philly around that area yesterday.

Here he is at 38th and Woodland Thursday morning:

And out front of Penn Vet later that day:

The walk also included a strut down a section of Baltimore Ave.:

And he even hung out with the runners around U Penn:

West Philly Local reports that the sightings have continued today, so be sure and heed Bartram's Gardens' warning about approaching any wild turkeys you might come across this weekend:

It appears as though the Bartram turkeys have expanded their search for a suitable mate onto the streets of West Philly. Not sure that they'll find the kind of turkey they're looking for on Baltimore Avenue or at the 40th Street trolley portal, but mating season does crazy things to a lonely turkey.

P.S. Word to the wise: If you happen to encounter one of these turkeys on the street, do not approach them. They have large talons and can be quite aggressive if they feel threatened.

Aside from that, though, they're just trying to make it through the day like all of us. And, besides, it looks like he'd like to be left alone anyway:

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