In 1993, the Phillies went to the World Series, and a giant Phillies cap went to the massive head of the William Penn statue on top of City Hall. Now, you can own that cap.

If you've got $10,000 and tons of storage space to spare, that is.

The hat itself has been on eBay for several days now with a $10,000 asking price. Its owner, Glen Spence, reportedly nabbed the cap out of the trash in the mid-90s, and is now selling it because "it's time for someone else to love it."

"I've loved it long enough," Spence told Billy Penn this week.

With the hat measuring some 7 feet tall by 4 feet wide, that's a lot of love. However, another fan willing to treat it the same hasn't yet come along. In fact, Spence says he has so far only received several "comically low" offers for the cap.

The Phils, for their part, sadly lost to the Toronto Blue Jays in six games back in '93. And with that in mind, perhaps Spence will find an appropriate buyer yet.