Take a second to think about your childhood dreams. You'll never be an astronaut and you're never going to be a Major League Baseball player. It's disappointing, but we all realized that most of those lofty goals would never materialize. But, there's still time to live out your childhood fantasy of swimming in a pool of money like Scrooge McDuck.

An original Swiss bank deposit safe constructed in 1912 is currently available on JamesEdition.com, "the world's luxury marketplace." Basically, it's like Craigslist for the one percent.

The bank safe swimming pool containing 8 Million real Swiss coins is currently located in Basel, Switzerland. This is the original bank safe from the former "Schweizer Volksbank" and known to be one of the finest Swiss piece of craftwork in the early 20th Century. It is in very good shape and still usable as a bank deposit safe. It will be removed from it's original location and be replaced anywhere in the world. You'll freely decide what happens with it.

The safe comes with 8 million Rappen, (Swiss 5 cent pieces), so you can actually swim in the money a la Mr. McDuck.

You should also be warned that you could waste an entire afternoon fantasizing about buying the random stuff available at James Edition. A $13,000 autographed photo of Amelia Earhart? How can I live without it? [James Edition]