According to an Action News story out of Las Vegas, teens drinking Red Bull or snorting Addy to get their caffeine fix, anymore, because they've discovered that they can just smoke coffee beans.

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Teens are getting their caffeine fix in a way never thought of before. They're smoking it.

Coffee smoking is a dangerous new trend that's going viral among teens.

We've heard of people eating coffee beans, but smoking them is a whole other thing.

There are websites popping up online that will teach kids step-by-step on how to roll their own caffeine stick. [KTNV]

Over at Gawker, they're mostly calling bullsh** on the notion that it's becoming a new sensation among "the youths," but are careful to point out the possible dangers of caffeine overdose.

As far its "viral" trendiness and risk to our precious youth, though, that seems to be entirely overblown. It's not new—one redditor tried it as far back as 2011, and there's no way he was the first—and there's also no evidence it's gotten any more popular of late.

However, caffeine overdose—which it's not clear you could achieve from smoking coffee—is serious business, with side effects including breathing trouble, hallucinations, and convulsions.